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Q) Do you deliver?
A) Yes all prices include delivery, set-up and pick-up.

Q) Do we need to pay a deposit and what forms of payment do you accept?
A) There is no deposit. We accept check, credit card and cash. Payment is due on delivery or before.

Q) Are you licensed and insured?
A) Yes

Q) When do you deliver and pick-up?
A) All deliveries are made in the morning hours and pick-up is the next morning. You can keep all your rented items a second FULL day for $65.00

Q) What are the sizes and space requirements?
A) The moonwalks are 15'x15', this is the larger size (why pay the same for a 13'x13' from our competition?) you need an open area of at least 20'x20' with no low tree limbs or power lines. Our Combo slides require an open area of at least 20'x30'.

Q) Do we need anything to set-up?
A) No. We provide everything. Only with the water slides you will need a waterhose to hook-up to the slide. There needs to be a 110 standard power outlet within 125' or you will need a generator and yes we also rent generators.

Q) What surface can you set-up on?
A) Grass or concrete but grass is the preferred. We DO NOT set-up on sand, mud or rocks. Please clean your set-up location BEFORE we arrive from sticks, grass clippings and doggie "land mines".

Q) What if we need to cancel our reservation?
A) Just call or e-mail us A.S.A.P., that's it. There is no deposit to loose or cancellation fee like with the other guys.

Q) Do we need to clean everything before you pick-up?
A) No but it does help if you air up your inflatable in the morning for about an hour or until we arrive. This will help dry off the morning dew and all moisture. You can also check one last time for any toys that may have been left inside as well.

Q) What if it rains?
A) Please keep in mind once we deliver there are no refunds. So if you think it is going to rain too much you need to call us to cancel BEFORE we deliver. If we think it is going to rain too much we will call you to cancel your delivery. WE DO NOT DELIVER IN THE RAIN. If we see there are just scattered showers here and there we will still deliver but anything more than that we could cancel.

Q) Do you deliver on weekdays?
A) Yes. We deliver everyday of the year except Christmas day.

Q) Do you offer discounts or specials?
A) Yes. Most of the time we do. Click on the "Specials" tab to see what our current offers are.

Q) Can we keep everything overnight?
A) Yes of course and at no extra charge, all we ask is to just please air it back up for an hour or so in the morning to remove any moisture from it.      

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